Growth Model

Expansion plan and strategy

Our customers include a vast fishing community and enthusiasts of GameFi, blockchain, and open-world gaming. With fishing games in WEB2 generating nearly half a billion downloads, there's a significant opportunity for FishVerse to tap into this market. Additionally, developers seeking to build player onboarding tools or similar blockchain games are potential customers. FishVerse also targets mobile and PC gamers interested in competition, multiplayer, and solo gameplay experiences. By attracting users who appreciate seamless, dynamic, and vibrant gaming in both WEB2 and WEB3 spaces, FishVerse aims to capture a diverse and engaged audience. To attract and retain users, FishVerse employs a multifaceted strategy. This includes strategic marketing on social media, collaborations with other projects, and PR. Marketing campaigns like AMA sessions, Twitter Spaces, and giveaways. The alpha version of the game is already available on Google Play, with upcoming milestones for the iOS App Store. Along with other GameFi marketplaces, FishVerse is also listed on major gaming platforms Steam and aims for listing on Epic Games. To ensure user retention and attract new players, FishVerse organizes in-game events, tournaments, and missions, encouraging community engagement. Incentives such as in-game rewards, referral programs, and staking benefits further encourage ongoing user participation. The goal is to create a dynamic and inclusive gaming environment that resonates with both gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Marketing based on influencers

  • Affiliated-Partnership Programs

  • Reward Systems

  • Real-world partnerships

Streaming is another one of the planned expansion activities. Fishverse gameplay will be available for streaming, and both players and streamers will have the opportunity to earn rewards while doing so.

The team will concentrate on working together with fishing gear manufacturers, displaying their content as NFTs, and incorporating their products into the game. Not only would such features increase exposure, but they would also make gameplay more realistic.

Fishverse is already collaborating with gaming guilds, e-sports arenas, KOL's networks to expand not only its community but also the number of actual gamers who use our platform.

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