Gameplay features

Players will have the opportunity to choose either the Fisher (Angler) role, the Fish Breeder role, or both roles simultaneously.

Open world Fishing

Fishing starts from shore or bridge where an angler can walk and change fishing positions

In order to increase catch efficiency, fishers can buy NFT boats where anglers will be able to change locations and travel further distances for bigger and more valuable catches.

Fishing is possible day and night, in stormy, rainy, or normal weather conditions. Each kind of weather has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks associated with it.

For example, in stormy weather conditions, only anglers who are in possession of the greatest gear will be able to successfully navigate hazardous weather conditions and pull in the most valuable hauls of fish.

Fishing rods have durability levels, angler has to consider that too. For example, if an angler goes sea fishing with a spinning fishing rod, then the equipment will not handle a bigger fish load and will break.

Because some of the most valuable NFT fish trophies are found in deeper water, anglers need to invest in an NFT Fishing Boat in order to go greater distances and navigate waves. A fishing boat is designed to go farther and carry a greater volume of caught fish.

Other boats such as kayaks, motor rubber boats, and motor metal boats could be used more on freshwater or seashores. Anglers that use these boats will have improved vision, will be able to fish for longer and deeper, will be able to access previously inaccessible fishing spots, and will have a greater chance of reeling in a catch.

FishVerse Island

FishVerse island offers 3 regions of saltwater and freshwater fishing with different fish ecosystems.

Fishing can happen in rivers, lakes, sea shores, deep seas, valleys, and gulfs. Each corner of the map is full of separate fishes and specifications.

In order to be more realistic map has water depth parameters. Anglers can use NFT echolot to determine water depth and go for a better catch.

The map has 3 regions:

  • North

  • Middle

  • South

In the beginning, each region consists of 40 fish breeds for salt and freshwater fishing.


Anglers will be able to participate in fishing tournaments, players can test their equipment abilities and fishing strategy by competing for the prize fund. There will be several tournaments depending on the fisher's level. Player needs to buy tournament ticket in order to compete.

PvP Overview

Players can level up, earn new perks, and establish financial incentives in the single-player mode's free environment.

The governance token is $FVS, it is used in order to major upgrade the fishing rod level, which results in more catches.

A higher NFT level also results in an advantage in the PVP mode.

One of the best ways to acquire $FVS is to participate in the PVP mode.

In the PVP mode, each player selects the amount of $FVS tokens he wants to bet.

After selecting the betting amount players are matched against similar bets. Players compete with each other, the winner takes the prize from the LOSER, 10% of the amount bet goes to the FishVerse ecosystem.

The winner is the person who scores more POINTS during the match.

POINTS granted depend on the amount of fish caught and its rarity.

PVP gameplay

Players are spawned in a fishing location before that player chooses its best NFTs and prepares strategy. The match lasts between 5-15 minutes depending on the skill similarity between players. The winner is determined by skill and equipment level (skill is required in order to win, but lack of skill can be compensated by better equipment).

Players are matched against similar skill and level players.

Mystery Boxes

Players can buy mystery box tickets to win a variety of FishVerse gaming NFTs

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