FishVerse W2E

šŸ’² The governance token is $FVS šŸ’² The secondary in-game tokens are $S and $F

Fish in two different locations: Saltwater or Freshwater.

By FISHING in SALTWATER, you can catch SALTWATER FISH (saltwater fishing is more difficult and late-game focused)

By FISHING in FRESHWATER, you can catch FRESHWATER FISH (easier and more early-game focused)

SALTWATER FISH, can be converted into energy fodder, baits, or $S

FRESHWATER FISH, can be converted into energy fodder, baits or $F.

Fish rarity

The FISH can be divided into 5 different rarities:






The rarity of caught fish determines:

  • the amount of $S and $F granted.

  • the quality of ENERGY FODDER and BAITS.

Energy (Stamina)

Fishing or operating boats(kayaks) in FISHVERSE consumes ENERGY.

ENERGY recharges automatically every 6 hours or can be recharged by consuming energy fodder

If the player uses a motorboat to save their own stamina and reach further distances, he needs to recharge the boat. The boat can be recharged by $S and $F tokens or after 24hr.

Energy fodder & baits

  • ENERGY FODDER can be made from caught FISH

  • BAITS can be made from caught FISH

  • ENERGY FODDER and BAITS can be purchased from BREEDERS using $FVS


The FISHING RODS can be divided into 6 different rarities:

Starter (wooden)

No upgrade


Max upgrade level 15


Max upgrade level 20


Max upgrade level 25


Max upgrade LVL 30


Unlimited level upgrade

Each FISHING ROD has 4 stats that players may allocate points after each upgrade:

Influences the ability to earn more $S and $F per ENERGY spent

Each FISHING ROD upgrade grants 5 points, that player may allocate into preferred stats. The MAJOR upgrades that happen at each 5 levels (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) grant 10 points that can be allocated.

Fishing rods have durability

Fishing rod durability decreases slightly after each FISHING.

The durability of the FISHING RODS can be repaired by the player using $S or $F.

Fishing rods have maximum usage

Maximum usage varies depending on the FISHING ROD rarity. I.e higher rarity has a higher number of TOTAL/MAXIMUM USAGE

Maximum usage of the fishing rods can be regenerated by $FVS, once its maximum usage reaches 0.

Major Equipment Upgrade Major Equipment Upgrade

The MAJOR upgrade is an upgrade that happens at every 5 levels of the FISHING ROD and requires $FVS in order to be completed.

Minor Equipment Upgrade

The minor upgrade is an upgrade that happens at 1,2,3,4 (6,7,8,9, etc) levels of the FISHING ROD and requires $S and $F in order to be completed.

NFT equipment

All of the NFT EQUIPMENT (including FISHING RODS) is restricted by player level, meaning rare NFTs require a higher player level.

Players may increase their level by simply playing the game and completing various activities.

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