Fishers dashboard

The game will have its very own unique fisher's dashboard, which will be accessible to all participants and allow them to register accounts, mint NFTs, purchase tokens, and participate in other activities. Each and every one of the game's components will be linked to the blockchain via a dashboard that also includes a marketplace for equipment.

What exactly are the benefits and what can you do on fisher's dashboard?

  • Connect wallet You have the option to link your EVM wallet. FishVerse will be able to authenticate its users and token holders once linked wallets are implemented.

  • Stake Staking in FishVerse is our method of generously rewarding our dedicated Supporters who wish to be a part of the project and have shown their enthusiasm.

Stakers will be rewarded in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Monthly Rewards

  • Dynamic APY

  • Mystery Airdrops DAO participation

Staking in FishVerse will allocate rewards in a fair manner to people who have shown their faith in and support for our project. There will be more announcements about rewards.

Every month, token Rewards are assigned out proportionally to the total amount of tokens in circulation, with the Strategic Reserve taken out of the equation. There will be an announcement on the staking requirements, rules, APYs, and other reward schemes.

  • Receive Get your hands on Mystery boxes, NFTs, tokens, equipment, and several other in-game goods. Users will have access to an NFT marketplace where they will be able to do a variety of operations with their own NFTs and tokens, such as sell, trade, buy.

  • Statistics Keep track of your fishing statistics and compare them to those of others; those who are the most successful will be rewarded. Information will be provided at a later time.

  • Chat There will be a chat feature accessible, in which players will be able to talk to their friends about the FishVerse game and share their experiences from different aspects of the game!

  • Track activity Users will be able to monitor their staking activity, review their gaming prizes, and assess their method of monetization.

On a single platform, users will be able to see all assets, the total quantity of FVS tokens, statistics, and other important data.

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