At this stage players will be offered to choose one of the gaming character:

Fisher (Angler), Fish farmer or both.

In order to participate in gaming, players have to buy NFT assets such as a fishing rod or a water plot where farmers will breed fish. Buying both of these makes you both a fisher and a farmer as a player.

Fishverse offers 4 possible fishing types:

Sea Fishing






Fly Fishing

In order to do float or bottom fishing, an angler needs to upgrade the spinning rod.

Rods have durability levels depending on fish size it can handle, each rod has 3 durability levels.

Tu upgrade fishing rod to level 2 or 3, an angler has to buy new:

Spool, Line, Rod, Hook.

Old equipment could be sold in the equipment marketplace or exchanged for other NFT.

Fisher can buy all types of fishing rods and participate in every possible fishing.

Fishing starts from shore or bridge where anglers can walk and change fishing positions.

In order to increase catch efficiency, fisher can buy NFT boats which lets to change locations and travel further distances for bigger and more valuable catches.

Fishverse offers 4 types of boats depending on speed, durability, parameters, travel range, fish load capacity, and other specs.

Fishverse island offers 4 regions of saltwater and freshwater fishing with different fish wildlife.

Fishing can happen in rivers, lakes, seashores, deep seas, valleys, gulfs. Each corner of the map is full of separate fishes and specifications.

The map has water depth parameters in order to be more realistic. Anglers can use NFT echo lots to determine water depth and go for a better catch.

The map has 4 regions of fish:

In the beginning, each region consists of 30 fish breeds for salt and fresh water fishing

Fishing is possible in day and night, stormy, rainy, or normal weather conditions.

In stormy conditions, anglers' chance of catching rare fish increases due to less occupied fishing zones. But on the other hand, an angler has to consider the risk of ship and equipment damage due to bad conditions.

If an angler catches a rare fish with a low durability level rod, it increases the possibility of damaging the fishing rod.

Anglers can fish in free water zones. In order to increase catches anglers have the possibility to fish in farmer water plots where there are more fish than usual.

Anglers can fish in stationary mode, which means that players do not need to do any movement and leave the rod in the holder just by checking on it.

One of the best NFT fish trophies are in the deeper sea, so angler has to buy NFT Fishing Boat in order to reach further distances and beat waves. A fishing boat is made to reach further distances and deal with a bigger fish load.

Other boats such as kayaks, rubber, steel could be used more on freshwater or seashores. By using these boats anglers can have better visibility and go for deeper fishing, also reach uncommon fishing places, and increase better catch possibilities.

If a player decides to go for deep-sea fishing with a not suitable boat, fishing might fail with boat damage or loss, an angler needs to consider risk.

Fishing rods have durability levels, angler has to consider that too. For example, if an angler goes sea fishing with a spinning fishing rod then the equipment will not handle a bigger fish load and will break.

With an NFT fishing boat, anglers can install a few additional stationary rods.

In order to increase successful fishing, anglers can buy fish fodder from the marketplace, or if the angler already has some common fishes caught he can convert them to fodder at farmers' buildings for a particular fee.

Each caught fish NFT has its own value depending on fish rarity, fish NFT can be sold on a marketplace or exchanged for Fishverse NFT equipment or service.

If an angler catches an epic or rare fish, an angler will be rewarded with Fishverse (FVS) tokens. Another way to receive a reward is to catch any region fish collection and receive FVS token reward.

Any collection consists of 10 different region fishes, if the angler successfully catches all collection, he will be rewarded.

Anglers have the possibility to participate in tournaments where the winner can win various NFTs and participate in prize fund which is collected from entry fees.

The farmers' goal is to breed various types of fish and invite anglers to fish in the owned farm. The farmer will be rewarded also by the amount of caught fish by anglers and other characteristics.

Farmer can also do other activities such as tournament hosting in owned water plot. Fishers has to pay an entry fee for fishing in farmers' plot or participating in the tournament.

Farmer gets a percentage from collected entry fees.

The water plot owner can rent its water plot to the other farmers, for a particular fee.

Farmer can build other service buildings such as boat or fishing rod repair shops. Fishers will store their damaged equipment after unsuccessful fishing and fix it for a service fee which goes to building owners.

In order to have service buildings, the farmer has to own a water plot.

Farmer can facilitate other businesses such as NFT equipment customization and sell equipment to players in the marketplace.

The farmer will have the possibility to lend fishing boats or rods to the other players for a particular fee.

Farmer can make fish fodder for better breeding and fishing. Farmer can take a fee from anglers who are bringing their caught fish to convert it to fodder. If the farmer has their own fish, he can make fodder for himself and speed up his breeding or increase fishing possibilities.

NFT Fish Breeding

In order to breed fish, a farmer has to buy male and female fishes, breeding speed depends on how many NFT fishes (male/female) fisher will buy.

Also, to increase breeding speed farmers can buy fodder which is converted from caught fish.

If the farmer has an NFT building, he can make his own fodder. The only thing farmer has to do is to have NFT fish which can be bought from anglers in the NFT equipment marketplace. Another option to have fodder is to catch NFT fish by itself and convert it using NFT building.

Fish breeding price will depend on the fish breed (Common, Rare, Epic). Rare and Epic are the most expensive ones. Farmer can mix various types of breeds in his water plot.

Farmers has the possibility to rent water plot and breed their own fish.

The Fishverse game will have its own separate marketplace where players can sell their caught fish, buy NFT equipment for fishing or farming such as:

Fodder Making

NFT Equipment Customization

Each fish has different rarity specialties, such as size, weight, breed.


Anglers will be able to participate in fishing tournaments, players can test their equipment abilities and fishing strategy in competing for the prize fund. There will be several tournaments depending on the fishers' level. Player buys tournament ticket in order to compete.

Water plot owners could participate in tournaments also. Ownership will guarantee an opportunity to host their own public tournaments in their water plot. The owner controls the entry fee and prize fund.

Players can buy mystery box tickets to win a variety of Fishverse gaming NFTs

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