How to get started

Free mode

Players can enjoy open-world fishing with reduced earning possibility by creating an account on Fisher's dashboard and downloading the game. Players may experience a large portion of the game without additional cost. However, progress speed and success are heavily reduced.

Players will in general need to purchase both the EARN PASS and NFT EQUIPMENT in order to succeed or progress faster.

In PVP Mode, both players with and without the EARN PASS are matched against each other. Giving a huge advantage to the player with the EARN PASS.

Earn Pass

EARN PASS offers increased amounts of $S and $F. Additionally, with EARN PASS the player is granted $FVS upon successful completion of the DAILY and WEEKLY missions. This enables the player to progress faster and have a better NFT EQUIPMENT. Like in real-life experience, each angler has to buy a fishing season ticket every 3 months in order to be eligible to profit from fishing.

Purchase fishing equipment or assets

Each player starts by owning a basic wooden rod. Optionally, players can purchase NFT fishing equipment in order to progress in the game. Some examples of these assets include fishing rods, baits, spools, echolots. If the player is advanced enough, he can purchase different types of boats or start building a business with NFT lands.

PVP or Tournament entry fee

If the player wants to compete with others in tournaments, he needs to pay an entrance fee from which the prize fund is raised. If the player wants to compete with others in PVP, he needs to place an $FVS token bet.

*Every NFT asset is purchased by Fishverse token FVS in order to create a logical financial ecosystem and gameplay loop.

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