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Each species of fish has its own distinct characteristics that make it unique, such as its size, weight, and difficulty.

North Saltwater fishes

Mackerel (Common), Striped Bass (Common), King Salmon (Rare), Bluefish (Common), Redfish (Common), Pacific Halibut (Common), Winter Flounder (Common), American Shad (Common), Bream (Common), White Perch (Common), Atlantic Croaker (Common), The Sakhalin Sturgeon (Rare), MonkFish (Rare), Brown Shyshark (Epic), Smalltooth Sawfish (Epic), Giant Sea bass (Rare) BullHead (Rare)

North Freshwater fishes

Northern Pike (Common), Rainbow Trout (Common), American eel (Common), Arctic grayling (Common), Roach (Common), Ide (Common), Crucian Carp (Common), Chanel Catfish (Common), Black Crappie (Common), Carp (Common), Sig (Common), Largemouth bass (Common), Yellow Perch (Common), Chinese sleeper (Common), Alabalagh Trout (Rare), Atlantic Salmon (Rare) Atlantic Sturgeon (Epic), Conasauga Logpearch (Epic), Chinese Paddlefish (Rare)

South Saltwater fishes

Bonefish (Common), Dorado (Common), Dolphin Fish (Common), Amberjack (Common), Sailfish (Common) Sawtail (Common), Banded Rock Cod (Common), Snapper Bonefish (Common), Bluefin Tuna (Rare), Great Barracuda (Rare), Pancake Stingray (Epic), Sand tiger shark (Epic), Blue Marlin (Rare), Swordfish (Epic), Giant Trevally (Rare)

South Freshwater fishes

Gulf Saratoga (Common), Plecos (Common), Rainbowfish (Common), Lungfish (Common), Barramundi (Common), Rainbow Trout (Common), Bicuda (Common), Peacock bass (Common), Freshwater Dorado (Common), Murray Cod (Epic) Barneys Catfish (Common), Jungle Perch (Rare) (Epic) Paiche (Rare), Red-bellied piranha (Epic), Damba Mipentina (Rare), Oscar fish (Rare), The Arapaima (Epic), Electric Eel (Epic), Payara (Epic), Goliath Tigerfish (Epic)

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