Tokens that have been acquired through the purchase of fishing season tickets will be dispersed among token rewards.

The Fishverse ecosystem and any remaining tokens are going to be destroyed. The same idea is applied to the purchase of tickets for the tournament.

Tokens that were awarded to participants will be split between the winners of the prize fund and other members of the Fishverse ecosystem. Any remaining tokens will be destroyed. (Percentages depends on volume)

NFT fishing season tickets and tournament tickets will have a time limit, and once that time has passed, the tickets will be destroyed. Fish NFTs have the potential to be transformed into baits, fodder, or skins, or will be burned automatically.

NFT equipment and NFT assets that are not uploaded to the marketplace and will be melted down to token (for the base price) will be automatically burned. A portion of the Ecosystem tokens will be distributed for the purpose of rewards and the general upkeep of the Ecosystem. (Percentages depends on volume)

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