Fishverse Token

The FishVerse team has masterfully crafted FVS in the name of providing our players with an experience that is both convenient and enjoyable. In doing so, we have ensured that it possesses a robust tokenomics structure and that it acts as a multi-purpose tool for many operations within the game. Major equipment upgrades (level progress)

Minor equipment upgrades (level progress)

NFT Fishing pass (subscription for earn version)

Ad banners, videos (freemium version)

In game asset purchases (characters, equipment, perks)

Multiplayer stakes against opponent (PVP multiplayer)

Tournament tickets (entry fee)

Royalty fees (in-game token swap, NFTs)

By conducting in-game transactions with FishVerse Token (FVS), we are able to reduce the amount of money spent on transaction fees, bringing them down to the desired level. Throughout this time, the FVS token will be distributed to external project contributors as a reward (payment), incentivizing participation in the accomplishment of the project's goals.

FVS token has a significant value for the whole platform. While Fishverse offers its tokens as payment options, all transactions will ultimately be executed using Fishverse tokens. All in-game purchases, sales, listing, service fees, rewards, and DAO will be held on FVS tokens. This guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.

FVS token is the major element that drives the FishVerse ecosystem. Token has a burning mechanism implemented to boost up the value of the existing tokens already in circulation.

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